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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Dear Santa (2011) - Directed by Jason Priestly

The Story:

Crystal (Amy Acker) comes from a wealthy family. She loves spending her parent's money but then they decide it's time for her to make something of her life and they give her until Christmas to clean up her act. Should Crystal fail to comply, it will result in her non-essential funds being cut off. Petrified at the prospect of having no money and no boyfriend, Crystal has a flash of inspiration when she finds a letter to Santa from seven year old Olivia (Emma Duke). In the letter, Olivia asks Santa to find her widowed father Derek (David Haydn-Jones) a new wife. The owner of a local soup kitchen, Derek has dedicated his life to helping others. Though Crystal has never set foot in a soup kitchen, she soon seeks Derek out and begins volunteering her time in an effort to get closer to him. Little does Crystal realize that Derek's scheming girlfriend (Gina Holden) will do anything to keep her man to herself. Meanwhile, Crystal remains determined to prove herself, despite the obstacles that stand in her way.

The Cast includes:

Amy Acker as Crystal Carruthers
David Haydn-Jones as Derek Gowen
Emma Duke as Olivia Gowen
Patrick Creery as Pete Kennedy
Gina Holden as Jillian
James Dugan as Frank McCourt
Margherita Donato as Kim
Paulina Chmielecka as Saleswoman

Amy Acker as Crystal Carruthers in Dear Santa (2011)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Dicte: Season 1 (2013) - Based on books by Elsebeth Egholm

The Story:

Newly divorced journalist, Dicte Svendsen (Iben Hjejle) returns to her hometown, with her 17 year old daughter Rose (Emilie Kruse) to restart her life and work through her past. But, as the new crime reporter for the major newspaper, she soon finds herself in a contentious relationship with police Detective Wagner (Lars Brygmann), mostly because much of the effort she puts in is trying to solve crimes rather than reporting them and helping the police. She refuses to cooperate, breaks laws on a regular basis and often puts lives in jeopardy, including her own, by her stubborn insistence on trying to do it all herself. And, her personal life is also something of a mess mostly because of her self-centered, and sometimes hypocritical, behavior and refusal to admit when she's wrong. But, I suppose that controversial characters are usually a staple of police dramas. 

The Cast Includes:

Iben Hjejle as Dicte Svendsen
Lars Brygmann as John Wagner
Lærke Winther Andersen as Anne Skov Larsen
Lene Maria Christensen as Ida Marie
Ditte Ylva Olsen as Bendtsen
Emilie Kruse as Rose Svendsen
Dar Salim as Bo Skytte
Lars Ranthe as Torsten Svendsen
Peter Schrøder as Otto Kaiser
Thue Ersted Rasmussen as Peter Boutrup
Neel Rønholt as My

Anaïs Demoustier as Charlotte in Elles (2011)

Juliette Binoche as Anne in Elles (2011)