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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Frenzy (1972) - Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

The cast includes:

Jon Finch as Dick Blaney
Alec McCowen as Chief Inspector Oxford
Barry Foster as Bob Rusk
Billie Whitelaw as Hetty Porter
Anna Massey as Babs Milligan
Barbara Leigh-Hunt as Brenda Blaney
Bernard Cribbins as Felix Forsythe
Vivien Merchant as Mrs. Oxford
Jean Marsh as Monica Barling
Clive Swift as Johnny Porter
Michael Bates as Sgt. Spearman
Elsie Randolph as Gladys

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter (1968) - Directed by Robert Ellis Miller

The cast includes:

Alan Arkin as Singer
Sondra Locke as Mick
Laurinda Barrett as Mrs. Kelly
Stacy Keach as Blount
Chuck McCann as Spiros Antonapoulos
Biff McGuire as Mr. Kelly
Percy Rodriguez as Dr. Copeland
Cicely Tyson as Portia
John O'Leary as Beaudine
Sherri Vise as Delores