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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Miss Julie (2014) - Directed by Liv Ullmann

The Cast includes:

Jessica Chastain as Miss Julie 
Colin Farrell as John
Samantha Morton as Kathryn
Nora McMenamy as Young Julie
Liv Ullmann is the Writer / Director


  1. Hi there! I was wondering if it would be OK for me to use these on my blog so long as I link back to your post? I don't have a copy of the movie, anymore, and these are the best screencaps I've found from it :) thanks!

  2. Andi B. - Help yourself to anything from my blog. While your providing a link to my blog would be appreciated, it's not necessary. I wouldn't mind a link to your blog though, particularly if it is movie-related. Also, if there are caps you'd like to see from a particular movie, or movies, I'm open to suggestions and would be glad to provide whatever I can.

  3. Thanks so much! That's really helpful :D Oh, sure. It's mostly a lot of rambly 'reviews' but here you go:
    And cool - I can't think of anything right now but if I do, I'll let you know! Thanks again :)