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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Hulk (2003) - Directed by Ang Lee

The Cast includes:

Eric Bana as Dr. Bruce Banner (Hulk)
Jennifer Connelly as Betty Ross
Sam Elliott as General Thunderbolt Ross
Josh Lucas as Major Glenn Talbot
Nick Nolte as Dr. David Banner
Cara Buono as Edith Banner
Paul Kersey as Young David Banner
Kevin Rankin as Harper
Celia Weston as Mrs. Krenzler
Geoffrey Scott as The President
Mike Erwin as 16 year old Bruce Banner
Regina McKee Redwing as National Security Advisor
Victor Rivers as the Paramilitary Leader
Rhiannon Leigh Wryn as young Betty Ross
Todd Tesen as Lt. Col. Thunderbolt Ross
Daniel Dae Kim as the General's Aide