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Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Quick And The Dead (1995) / Directed by Sam Raimi

The Cast includes:

Sharon Stone as Ellen aka The Lady
Gene Hackman as John Herod
Russell Crowe as Cort
Leonardo DiCaprio as Fee Herod aka The Kid
Pat Hingle as Horace
Kevin Conway as Eugene Dred
Keith David as Sgt. Clay Cantrell
Lance Henriksen as Ace Hanlon
Mark Boone Junior as Scars
Tobin Bell as Dog Kelly
Raynor Scheine as Ratsy
Olivia Burnette as Katie
Roberts Blossom as Doc Wallace
Gary Sinise as The Marshal
Woody Strode as Charlie Moonlight
Sven-Ole Thorsen as Gutzon
Fay Masterson as Mattie Silk
Jonothon Gill as Spotted Horse
Jerry Swindall as Blind Boy
Lennie Lofton as Emmitt Foy
Stacey Ramsower as Young Ellen