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Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Prisoner (2009) - Directed by Nick Hurran

The Cast includes:
Ian McKellen as 2
Jim Caviezel as 6
Ruth Wilson as 313
Lennie James as 147
Rachael Blake as M2
Jamie Campbell Bower as 11-12
Hayley Atwell as Lucy
Renate Stuurman as 21-16
Sara Stewart as 1891
David Butler as Shopkeeper
Jessica Haines as 554
Leila Henriques as Winking Woman
Vincent Regan as 909
James Cunningham as 70
Jeffrey R. Smith as 16
John Whiteley as 93
Lauren Das Neves as 1100
Norman Anstey as 29-44
Warrick Grier as 1955

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