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Monday, January 2, 2017

Qui a Tué Bambi? aka Who Killed Bambi? (2003) - Directed by Gilles Marchand

The Cast includes:

Sophie Quinton as Isabelle / Bambi
Laurent Lucas as Dr. Philipp
Catherine Jacob as Véronique
Yasmine Belmadi as Sami
Michèle Moretti as Mme Vachon
Thierry Bosc as the Hospital Director
Fily Keita as Marion
Sophie Medina as Carole
Jean Dell as ENT Specialist
Catherine Salvini as Nursing Instructor
Aladin Reibel as the Anesthetist
Dorothy Decoene as the First Patient
Alexandra Ansidei as Knitting Patient
Brice Deliry as the Patient's Fiancé
Lucia Sanchez as the Spanish Nurse
Joséphine de Meaux as the Quiet Nurse
Dominique Charmet as Patricia
Lucienne Moreau as Grey-Haired Patient
Lisa Huynh as Asian Patient
Papa Kandé Sidibé as Orderly
Jean-Claude Jay as White Haired Surgeon