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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Girl On The Train (2016) - Directed by Tate Taylor

The Cast includes:

Emily Blunt as Rachel Watson
Rebecca Ferguson as Anna Boyd
Haley Bennett as Megan Hipwell
Justin Theroux as Tom Watson
Luke Evans as Scott Hipwell
Allison Janney as Detective Sgt. Riley
Édgar Ramírez as Dr. Kamal Abdic
Lisa Kudrow as Martha
Laura Prepon as Cathy
Darren Goldstein as Man In The Suit
Lana Young as Rachel's Doctor
Tamiel Paynes as Drummer Boy
Cleta Elaine Ellington as Oyster Bar Woman
Mia Bottino as School Kid On Train
Mac Tavares as Detective Gaskill
Eugene Resler as Staring Bald Man