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Friday, April 28, 2017

Being There (1979) Directed by Hal Ashby

The Cast includes:

Peter Sellers as Chance
Shirley MacLaine as Eve Rand
Melvyn Douglas as Ben Rand
Richard A. Dysart as Dr. Allenby
Jack Warden as The President
Richard Basehart as Vladimir Skrapinov
Than Wyenn as Ambassador Gaufridi
David Clennon as Thomas Franklin
Ruth Attaway as Louise
Fran Brill as Sally Hayes
Katherine DeHetre as Kinney
John Harkins as Courtney
Alice Hirson as The First Lady
Denise DuBarry as Johanna Franklin
Laurie Jefferson as TV Reporter
James Noble as Kaufman
Elya Baskin as Karpatov
Richard McKenzie as Ron Stiegler
Mitch Kreindel as Dennis Watson
Stanley Grover as Baldwin
Ned Wilson as Honeycutt
Oteil Burbridge as Lolo (Toothpick)
Don Jacob as David
Nell P. Leaman as Constance
Richard Venture as Wilson