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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls (1970) Directed by Russ Meyer

The Cast includes:

Dolly Read as Kelly Mac Namara
Cynthia Myers as Casey Anderson
Marcia McBroom as Petronella Danforth           
John LaZar as Ronnie Barzell
Michael Blodgett as Lance Rocke
David Gurian as Harris Allsworth
Edy Williams as Ashley St. Ives
Erica Gavin as Roxanne
Phyllis Davis as Susan Lake
Harrison Page as Emerson Thorne
Duncan McLeod as Porter Hall
James Iglehart as Randy Black
Charles Napier as Baxter Wolfe
Henry Rowland as Otto
Lavelle Roby as Vanessa
Samantha Scott as Cynthia
Sebastian Brook as the Art Director
Haji as Cat Woman
Princess Livingstone as Matron
Veronica Ericson as Blonde Date
Koko Tani as Susan's Assistant