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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Lodger (2009) Directed by David Ondaatje

The Cast includes:

Alfred Molina as Chandler Manning
Rachael Leigh Cook as Amanda Manning
Mel Harris as Margaret Manning
Shane West as Street Wilkenson
Philip Baker Hall as the Police Chief
Rebecca Pidgeon as Dr. Jessica Westmin
Hope Davis as Ellen Bunting
Donal Logue as Joe Bunting
Simon Baker as Malcolm Slaight
Ernie Grunwald as Gregor
François Chau as Sam
Virginia Williams as Rachel Madison
Jennifer Webb as Young Woman
Roy Werner as Dr. Stevens
Bert Rosario as Juan Dantiero
Paul Keith as Elderly Witness
Michael O'Hagan as Bruce Lester
Daphne Ashbrook as Pretty Woman
Jasmine Lobe as Det. Street's Wife
J.P. Foster Jr. as Timmy Bunting