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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

All The Pretty Horses (2000) / Directed by Billy Bob Thornton

The Cast includes:

Matt Damon as John Grady Cole
Penélope Cruz as Alejandra Villarreal
Henry Thomas as Lacey Rawlins
Lucas Black as Jimmy Blevins
Ruben Blades as Don Hector
Robert Patrick as John's Father
Julio Oscar Mechoso as the Captain
Míriam Colón as Doña Alfonsa
Bruce Dern as The Judge
Sam Shepard as J.C. Franklin
Laura Poe as John's Mother
Angelina C. Torres as Luisa
Yvette Diaz as Drinks Girl
Imelda Colindres as Girl's Mom
Matthew E. Montoya as the Indian
George R. Lopez as the Clapping Man
J.D. Garfield as Carlos