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Saturday, June 17, 2017

The Private Lives Of Pippa Lee (2009) / Directed by Rebecca Miller

The Cast includes:

Robin Wright as Pippa Lee
Blake Lively as Young Pippa
Alan Arkin as Herb Lee
Keanu Reeves as Chris Nadeau
Maria Bello as Suky Sarkissian
Zoe Kazan as Grace Lee
Winona Ryder as Sandra Dulles
Julianne Moore as Kat
Monica Bellucci as Gigi Lee
Shirley Knight as Dot Nadeau
Robin Weigert as Trish
Mike Binder as Sam Shapiro
Ryan McDonald as Ben Lee
Cornel West as Don Sexton
Arnie Burton as the Doctor
Tim Guinee as Des Sarkissian
Madeline McNulty as Pippa (at 7)
Joan Copeland as the Piano Player
Adam Shonkwiler as Chester Sarkissian
Christin Sawyer Davis as Shelly
Teresa Yenque as Alphonsa