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Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1938) / Directed by Michael Curtiz & William Keighley

The Cast includes:

Errol Flynn as Robin of Locksley
Olivia de Havilland as Maid Marian
Basil Rathbone as Sir Guy
Claude Rains as Prince John
Patric Knowles as Will Scarlett
Eugene Pallette as Friar Tuck
Alan Hale, Sr. as Little John
Herbert Mundin as Much
Melville Cooper as the Sheriff
Una O'Connor as Bess
Ian Hunter as King Richard
Montagu Love as Bishop of Black Canons
Kenneth Hunter as Sir Mortimer
James Baker as Captain Philip of Arras
Howard Hill as Elwen the Welshman
Ray Spiker as Matt of Slefern
Harry Cording as Dickon Malbete