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Thursday, March 29, 2018

17 Girls aka 17 Filles (2011) / Directed by Delphine Coulin & Muriel Coulin / 178 Screen Caps

The Cast includes:

Louise Grinberg as Camille
Esther Garrel as Flavie
Roxane Duran as Florence
Solène Rigot as Mathilde
Juliette Darche as Julia
Yara Pilartz as Clementine
Florence Thomassin as Camille's Mother
Noémie Lvovsky as School Nurse
Carlo Brandt as Headmaster
Frédéric Noaille as Florian
Jocelyne Desverchère as Clementine's Mother
Arthur Verret as Tom

Monday, March 26, 2018

Jessica Paré as Tina Menzhal in Stardom (2000) / 58 Screen Caps & 1 Video Clip (8 Sec) (NSFW)

Stardom (2000) / Directed by Denys Arcand / 240 Screen Caps & 1 Video Clip (8 Sec) (NSFW)

The Cast includes:

Jessica Paré as Tina Menzhal
Charles Berling as Philippe Gascon
Dan Aykroyd as Barry Levine
Robert Lepage as Bruce Taylor
Camilla Rutherford as Toni Steward
Thomas Gibson as Renny Ohayon
Frank Langella as Blaine de Castillion
Victoria Snow as Ann Menzhal
Joanne Vannicola as Rosie
Macha Grenon as Model Agency Owner
Patrick Huard as Montreal TV Host
Gregory Calpakis as Steve Bourque
Paul Reynolds as Nigel Pope
Jessica Mackenzie as Diane Menzahl
Maggie Steed - British Fashion Reporter
François Berléand as Nigel Pope's Associate